Mark Geary

I had the pleasure of playing with Mark Geary and Grainne Hunt for three years. In that time we toured Europe and did some pretty amazing stuff. I've put just a few videos of the vast amount of work we did here on this page. If I were to cover everything, I guess it would require it's own site!!

For those of you who have never seen these guys live, I would urge you to go. Mr. Geary is as brilliant a comedian as he is a songwriter. And in my humble opinion, he is one Ireland's most under estimated songwriters.

I don't have any highlights of the time. All the times were good times. Glen Hansard is someone who quite often appeared on our stage, among others. In 2015, we recorded a christmas single for the St. Vincent De Paul, and every year around christmas, when I hear the song on radio, I am pleasantly reminded of all the good time.

Vienna 2013

On tour in Austria in 2013, we had the pleasure to play the Casino Baumgarten in Vienna. Besides its absolute beauty as a building, hidden inside was studio technology from the 50's that has never been replaced. So basically, a recording dream. All original tube mics, a Bosendorfer Grand Imperial (the worlds most expensive piano) and more. We decided to record the gig we did there, and the result was the album 'Songs Vienna'.