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Church & Civil Ceremonies

Having performed at hundreds of ceremonies over the year, Mark brings a wealth of experience to Brides and Grooms to be. A wedding ceremony is a very special occasion, and getting the right advice at the planning stages is vital for newly weds. It is by no means an easy undertaking to plan a wedding, and every aspect is an uncharted course. Mark can help in choosing the correct music for a ceremony’s certain aspects and also make custom changes to any performance to suit individual tastes.

Wedding Drinks Receptions

Live music has a unique ability in bringing people together. People have attachments to pieces of music that are personal, yet at the same time universal. It is one of the most natural things for us to sing songs with loved ones and strangers alike. It’s purpose can be to build bridges and break down barriers. On your wedding day, use this special gift to take the stress out of worrying about differences, and turn those differences into a commonality. Help your guests unwind and set the tone for the celebrations yet to come.

Corporate Events

Trying to impress new clients or entertain staff? Use music as its own team building exercise and let your clients and staff see the other side of their peers. The most common open ended questions that people use to relate to others are questions of sport, film and music. Make use the the innate ability of music to start discussion and debate. Let your guests question each other on who sang what and when, what each others likes are, and discover new opinions. Make use of an opportunity in business at times that would otherwise be written off. Mark can also provide all the equipment necessary.

Piano Bars

It’s fair to say that in Ireland, there are more ‘Piano Bars’ than piano players. The term Piano Bar has many meanings, ranging from a ‘Singles Bar for the Over Forties’, to being, well, just a Piano Bar! One thing is certain though. It requires a good piano player. It can be a disappointment to arrive at a piano bar to see yet another solo act with an acoustic guitar. Pianos and Digital Piano are large investments for establishments, so make use of them to their full potential. Mark not only has the ability, but a massive repertoire to be able to fulfil the most demanding of requests. Mark can also provide all the equipment necessary.

Restaurants- Good Eating Music

The key to a successful restaurant performance is being able to stay in the background. Volume can kill any atmosphere. There are skills that a restaurant performer will have to master to be a success at this. One is accepting that appreciation does not necessarily come with a round of applause. Another is being able to play and sing at low volumes, yet deliver as though they were on a big stage. Restaurant performance is a craft within itself. A badly chosen repertoire can lead to clients disliking the establishment. Mark has all of these skill honed over many years, and can provide all the equipment required to guarantee good eating music.

Pubs & Clubs

There has been a huge upsurge in interest in live music over the last few years. Not only that, tastes have become more diverse, and attitudes have changed. There is a demand on publicans to provide entertainment. The upside is an increased interest in a venue, providing a focal point of discussion within groups and communities. The downside is that sub standard music will reflect directly on the venue itself, not the performer, and revenue streams in both wet and dry sales can suffer. Be different. Throw away the backing tracks. Guitarists are in their thousands. Put Mark in on piano. Show your customers you are listening.

What equipment can mark provide?


Mark has a variety of quality instruments in his collection. His main keyboard is a Korg Kronos. However he carries instruments from other well known manufacturers such as Fender Rhodes, Roland, Steinway and Hammond to name but a few.

PA & Mixing

Mark has PA’s suitable for every occasion, whether it is low key background or full on concerts. Wireless mixing desks also mean a freedom to everyone involved, as they are both small and light weight (being controlled from a tablet), and do not take up space or become an eyesore.

Microphones and Cabling

Quality and good maintenance are key words in this area of equipment. Mark has a large variety of microphones to suit any venue or conference type, and cabling that will not let you down.

Lighting & Effects

Visuals are crucial. It is not good enough to sound good. A quality performer must look good also. The correct lighting is crucial to any successful event, and Mark has a huge selection of lights to fit any bill.

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What Mark’s clients say

My family keep talking about the your rendition of Ave Maria. Is there any chance you have a recording, as the videographer did not get the full take )-: Thanks for all your help. You are a gifted man, Mark.

Simone and Paul

Mark. We would like to thank you for playing at our conference in Paris. It was vital that we had a focal point that could transcend language barriers at the drinks reception part of the evening, and I will be looking for your talents again.

Sophaly Chhun. RCI Banque

We would just like to thank you so much for helping us on our wedding day. It was truly fantastic. I will be recommending you to all my family and friends. All the best.

Sharon and Dave

Mark, you did it!! I thought it was going to be “AWKWARD”. But you pulled it off and brought both of out families together at both the ceremony and drinks reception. Thank you soooo much.

Stephen and Simon

Mark. Thanks you so much for helping me choose the ceremony music. I really was at a complete loss of what to do. To be honest, I hadn’t given it any thought at all, until you pointed out the things that Gavin and I had to arrange. You sang the songs we both love with a passion that I am delighted to have on our wedding video.

Siobhan McCarthy


About Mark

Mark has made a career out of music for ten years, it being the second of his career choices in life. When he left school, Mark trained as a chef, and worked i the hospitality industry for 14 years. After working Michelin star in France in his early twenties, he came back to Ireland, and by the age of 27 had established his first restaurant. Due to its success, he opened his first pub at the age of 30, but the financial decline saw him having to change his career. He set out on his music career, and has forged himself a successful place in the industry. "It was a move that was not planned when it happened. I set out not knowing what the future would hold, buy I guess hard work and perseverance pays off". Read More....

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